Our Agency 1Px Agency is a story of constant challenges, teamwork and a dream of success. Based in Alexandria, 1Px Agency was initiated in 2015 having a branch in Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt. As a team in 1Px Agency, we have successfully prospered in the challenging fields of professional photography services, providing a high level of integration in photography such as: Products, Food, New Born, Events, Art graph, Horses, interiors ,exteriors and the rest is yet to come.

Our mission is to create lasting memories, enjoyable experience and outstanding services with passion and enthusiasm in a way that has never been captured and is also determined to handle each and every guest in a family like manner.
We aim to be among the top 10 innovative Photography Agencies in the Middle East by 2020.

Creative Photos

Personal selling, social media and all the promotion and advertisement tools are all very important for increasing your sales. However; the secret power of photos is one of the most powerful, yet, simple and efficient tool in convincing your customers to purchase more. People naturally remembers things that he/she has seen more than anything else, and here it comes the power of photos. Choosing to use high quality well prepared photos for your products is crucial in promoting your products. Imagine, for example, that you are choosing between two sandwich photos; one well styled and in high quality, focusing on all the details, representing the beauty of colors and sandwich contents, while the other is just taken by a mobile or just pale and in low quality; which one are you going to choose?!! Which sandwich will attract you more?!!

Photos is the easiest, yet, most efficient tool to tell your customers what you want exactly and let them imagine the real experience of having your product.

We, at 1PX, are passionate about being your partner in letting your product to be shown in its best quality and guaranteeing your customer's full attraction towards your products.



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